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About us

Datacentre & network locations

Die Hard Servers uses only quality hardware and network locations in Europe for stable low pings. Our servers are located in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) & Germany (Frankfurt). The control panel we use is equipped with automatical restart schedules & server updates and many more cool features. Planned maintenance is often and thoroughly done to keep the servers running as smoothly as possible.

We have chosen the city of Amsterdam (the capital of the Netherlands) because Amsterdam is the main gate so to speak of incoming and outgoing connections to and from Europe. So you could say that Amsterdam is the main internet gate of Europe. DieHardServers provides a very good connection for players from other countries in Europe and one of the best connections with the United States of America. Players will benefit from this by having a good connection and low pings!


Our datacentre Eunetworks is located in the AMS-IX zone (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) for the fastest connections in the Netherlands itself and abroad. The AMS-IX is the professional, neutral Internet exchange that leads the way in global peering services. The AMS-IX is the biggest portal for datatraffic in Europe, has over 300 connected parties coming from all around the world and offers the highest volume of peering parties you will find anywhere at a single Exchange.

All our servers are inclusive of the best service by live support and by finding a fast solution if you have a problem or a request. We answer any kind of question within a few hours. All our servers are nuke-protected.

AMS-IX racks DE-CIX server